Friday, December 23, 2011

ABDL Phone a Mommy

I know a lot of ABDL's get a little blue this time of year! I have to admit so do I. I can see why an ABDL Phone a Mommy can be such a a saving grace for when we are feeling down. Just thinking about all the things a Mommy does that we treasure and don't get to benefit from as an Adult. I think of my ABDL phone a mommy wiping my tears, holding me close and comforting me, hearing her whisper the words that it will all be ok making me feel safe and secure. The smell of her sweet perfume as she cuddles with me for hours in front of a warm fire or snuggling in bed as she reads me my favorite bed time stories. I long to feel the nourishing nature only a Mom can provide. If you find yourself feeling as I do, and you could really use some tender loving care just remember Mommy Sara would love to be your ABDL Phone a Mommy that makes your season a little brighter and your heart a little lighter!

Happy Holidays,
All my Love, Mommy Sara
1 888 430 2010
YIM: phonemommysara