Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sissy Boy

When the baby was born a lovely pink
 From a pink nipple it did drink
 Just before the journey home
It was dressed in pink
It’s tiny socks were a wooley pink
 It’s bassinette was also pink
It was placed in a black convertable
 The upholstery was a lovely pink
 Then they arrived home at last
 To be greeted by a hot pink house
Where it had a lovely bath
 A pink bubble bath
In a plastic pink tub
 Then mother put it to bed
 In it’s little pink cot
 With it’s lovely pink Quilt
 And it’s pink teddy bear
 No wonder my baby brother
 Thought he was a little girl
 When they put a pink ribbon 
In his curls

allan james saywell

Mommy Sara

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