Monday, February 21, 2011

AB Diaper Overload

I have a caller that is such a pleasure to speak with and he cracks me up in all his unsupervised adventures. This latest escapade was so hilarious that I asked to post it. He obliged me. So here goes. Needless to say he is a Diaper Lover and left alone is often headed for trouble or one Huge Mess, as is such in this case. He decided it would be a good idea to see just how much his diaper would truly hold. So after diapering himself in his favorite Bambino Diapers, he used some devices to begin the diaper testing. So it begin, Bambino's Diaper Test on how much it could really hold. So for three days straight no diaper change, some unwanted leakage he filled that diaper! He didn't make it out untouched, diaper rash was unavoidable and his plastic pants absorbed some of the leakage while some of his furniture absorbed the rest. But by day three he decided he was in an Adult Baby Diaper Overload! Kudos AB Danny! You did accomplish your mission, Mommy Sara is proud of you, but PeeeeYeeewwww you stunk. So glad that Dirty Diaper Change is behind us. Silly Boy you!!! Thanks for letting me share your story and thanks for always calling me and sharing in so many fun fetish scenes.

Mommy Sara

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

ABDL Marty's New Blog

Hi all! I just wanted to congratulate sweet AB Marty on his new blog and encourage all you other ABDL's in beginning your own. Blogs are a great way in expressing our selves and keeping an online journal for others to enjoy, come to better understand the ABDL world, and who knows how many you might even help with your thoughts as they learn they are not alone!

So shouts out to ABDL Marty and to see his new Blog click on his name.

And let me not forget to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I hope it is filled with lots of Adult Baby activities, lots of love, kisses and hugs from Mommy. Mommy Sara is here to give you all Diaper Changes and some Motherly Tender Love and Care so call me for some!

ABDL Mommy Sara

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