Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mmmmm Chocolate

Wanna do some baking with Mommy sugar plum? Play inside a bowl of eeewwwy geewwwyy chocolate. Come on dig your hands in, abie and Mommy will get all good and messy while making our dessert. It will be such a messy gewwy fun time, then Mommy will bath you and we shall share our chocolate delight together. YUM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day out with Mommy

Mommy has a full day planned for Baby. First stop is your Babys first Hair Cut!!! I bet your a little nervous, but dont you worry little one, Mommy will be right there by your side. Next stop will be park where you will get to play with your friends and swing all the way to the stars. There Mommy will speak with Cindy the new neighbor's cutie pie daughter about future babysitting schedules. I will see how you react to her and her friends to see if she will be the right sitter for you! Meanwhile we shall enjoy a nice picnic lunch under the oak tree with the other Mommies and their babies. I am certain my little one will be in need of an overdue diaper change by then. Tehehe!