Friday, December 23, 2011

ABDL Phone a Mommy

I know a lot of ABDL's get a little blue this time of year! I have to admit so do I. I can see why an ABDL Phone a Mommy can be such a a saving grace for when we are feeling down. Just thinking about all the things a Mommy does that we treasure and don't get to benefit from as an Adult. I think of my ABDL phone a mommy wiping my tears, holding me close and comforting me, hearing her whisper the words that it will all be ok making me feel safe and secure. The smell of her sweet perfume as she cuddles with me for hours in front of a warm fire or snuggling in bed as she reads me my favorite bed time stories. I long to feel the nourishing nature only a Mom can provide. If you find yourself feeling as I do, and you could really use some tender loving care just remember Mommy Sara would love to be your ABDL Phone a Mommy that makes your season a little brighter and your heart a little lighter!

Happy Holidays,
All my Love, Mommy Sara
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Sunday, November 20, 2011




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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Coloring Contest

Hello all my most wonder adult babies, diaper lovers and baby sissies. How would you like to color a picture for your Mommy? There are so many Halloween Pictures and I would be honored to have you color one for me and I will not only hang it on my refrigerator I will take a pic of it there and post it for everyone to see what a good abdl and sissy you are for Mommy!

Mommy Sara

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Regression Story

I long to hold all my little ones in Mommies arms and rock them softly and hide them from the cold cruel world.

I long to take them into another world of pretty clothes and pretty colors surrounding us.

Trees shaped as lollipops, snakes that look like gummy treats, fluffy clouds that can be touched and snuggled upon.

I long to lie on the grass and just play the day away, with no pressures or time constrictions.

I long to just gaze up into the night sky and look upon the stars with no care of tomorrow or yesterday.

I long to escape into the magical mysterious world of Unicorns, Fairies, Castles and Majestic Beauty.

I long for the day of complete childish behavior and acceptance of who we are.

I long to see the stress of today melt away with a loving touch.

My child, my adult abies, we lay and imagine a world with no strife, a world of freedom.

Running around with our diapeys on, mud on clothes and our hands, soakey wet bottoms, candy sticky lips, with no care in the world.

Regression, it is a wonderful feeling and worth it every time I regress to that special place with my special someone to share it with.

Mommy Sara

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spoiled Rotten Adult Baby

How do you know if you are spoiling you baby rotten? Well this is a subject that is still under much debate, many argue that picking a baby up all the time spoils them others argue that it is not spoiling them to meet their needs by attending to them when they do cry and that their cry is a means of communication so not to be misconstrued with a form of spoiled attention getting method. So what are you ideas on the subject? Do you feel you are spoiled when Mommy picks you up when you cry? I personally think that spoiled comes into play around the toddler years when a child is always given their way and never receives consequences for their actions. But I would love to hear your ideas, so be sure to share them with me over on phoneamommy forums.

Mommy Sara

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Mommy Sara Specialties are : Messy diaper changes, Adult baby nurturing and coddling, adult baby spankings and discipline.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magical Age Regression

Magical land so inviting,

I sit and ponder all my thoughts

Can I stay awhile,

enjoy the splendor in my heart,

Magical land so captivating,

I want to meld into you,

dream awhile, of my fantasies

Oh, won't you make them true.

Magical land so enticing,

Escape me from the daily grind,

while I bask in my diaper,

and free my mind!

Magical land so inviting,

How I long to stay in Mommy's arms,

Do let me stay awhile,

and soak up all her charm!

For a relaxing age regressions scenario call yours truly,

Mommy Sara

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sissy Boy

When the baby was born a lovely pink
 From a pink nipple it did drink
 Just before the journey home
It was dressed in pink
It’s tiny socks were a wooley pink
 It’s bassinette was also pink
It was placed in a black convertable
 The upholstery was a lovely pink
 Then they arrived home at last
 To be greeted by a hot pink house
Where it had a lovely bath
 A pink bubble bath
In a plastic pink tub
 Then mother put it to bed
 In it’s little pink cot
 With it’s lovely pink Quilt
 And it’s pink teddy bear
 No wonder my baby brother
 Thought he was a little girl
 When they put a pink ribbon 
In his curls

allan james saywell

Mommy Sara

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Phone A Mommy is on YouTube

Hi All my Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Sissies, and Fetish Goers! Check out Phone a Mommy's Video on You Tube. Thanks to Mommy Scarlet for all her Hard Work!

Mommy Sara
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Star Gazing

As some of my abies know one of my favorite things to do is to star gaze. I remember when I was a kid I use to go outside late at night on a lounge chair out on our patio or even just lie on top of my parents car and stare up into the sky. The night sky is beautiful just starring up into it and on a night that is windy and cloudy it feels as though I am on a ride drifting up towards the stars and moon. I block everything out around me and just enjoy the quiet peacefulness of the night. Come star gaze with me!

Mommy Sara

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tortoise and The Hare

There once was a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could cum.Tired of hearing him boast, Slow and Steady, the tortoise, challenged him to a race. All the Mommies and animals in the forest gathered around them to watch.

Hare began at lightening speed for a while and then paused to rest. He looked over at Slow and Steady and cried out, How do you expect to win this race when you are stroking it long and at

such a slow, slow pace?”

Hare stretched himself out alongside the carrot patch and fell asleep, thinking, “There is plenty of time to relax.”

Slow and Steady continued to slowly stroked himself up and down, up and down. He never, ever stopped until all of a sudden there was a mass explosion.

The Mommies and other animals who were watching cheered so loudly for Tortoise, they woke up Hare.

Hare stretched and yawned and began to stroke again, but it was too late. Tortoise had released his load and it landed all over the Mommies and animals gathered around him.

After that, Hare always reminded himself, “Don’t brag about your lightning pace, for Slow and Steady won the race!

Mommy Sara

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Mommy Sara Specialties are : Messy diaper changes, Adult baby nurturing and coddling, adult baby spankings and discipline.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mommies Panties

Caught again in Mommies Panty drawer? What in the world are yo thinking little man? You like mommies soft frilly silky things do you? Well then, Mommy will insist that since you have your grubby hands all over them, now they are yours. And you will dress up in them as you long to do. What is the catch you ask? There is no catch really, just that Mommy will make sure that your desires come true, you will be allowed to wear mommies slinky items all the time. No, no, not just in private, all the time!

Mommy Sara

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Poopie Diapers

I love to encourage my abies to make a big poopies in their diapers, to look at me for approval and coax them into it. Their little faces become all red as they squat and grunt and push. It is a Mommies delight to watch them and tell them how proud Mommy is for their messy diaper! I laugh and giggle at your full poopie diaper as it sags lower and lower between your legs. So do you need some encouraging to make a big stinky? Well Mommy Sara would love to be the Mommy who helps you!

Mommy Sara
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diaper Friends

I love my Diaper Lover Communties. I am fortunate to have so many diaper friends that are like family to me. Over the years I have come so close to so many of you, I truly calue our friendships. I sure hope those of you I have not meet or done calls with can get some enjoyment from my blogs and perhaps one day you will call for some fun diaper play!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

AB Diaper Overload

I have a caller that is such a pleasure to speak with and he cracks me up in all his unsupervised adventures. This latest escapade was so hilarious that I asked to post it. He obliged me. So here goes. Needless to say he is a Diaper Lover and left alone is often headed for trouble or one Huge Mess, as is such in this case. He decided it would be a good idea to see just how much his diaper would truly hold. So after diapering himself in his favorite Bambino Diapers, he used some devices to begin the diaper testing. So it begin, Bambino's Diaper Test on how much it could really hold. So for three days straight no diaper change, some unwanted leakage he filled that diaper! He didn't make it out untouched, diaper rash was unavoidable and his plastic pants absorbed some of the leakage while some of his furniture absorbed the rest. But by day three he decided he was in an Adult Baby Diaper Overload! Kudos AB Danny! You did accomplish your mission, Mommy Sara is proud of you, but PeeeeYeeewwww you stunk. So glad that Dirty Diaper Change is behind us. Silly Boy you!!! Thanks for letting me share your story and thanks for always calling me and sharing in so many fun fetish scenes.

Mommy Sara

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

ABDL Marty's New Blog

Hi all! I just wanted to congratulate sweet AB Marty on his new blog and encourage all you other ABDL's in beginning your own. Blogs are a great way in expressing our selves and keeping an online journal for others to enjoy, come to better understand the ABDL world, and who knows how many you might even help with your thoughts as they learn they are not alone!

So shouts out to ABDL Marty and to see his new Blog click on his name.

And let me not forget to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I hope it is filled with lots of Adult Baby activities, lots of love, kisses and hugs from Mommy. Mommy Sara is here to give you all Diaper Changes and some Motherly Tender Love and Care so call me for some!

ABDL Mommy Sara

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mmmmm Chocolate

Wanna do some baking with Mommy sugar plum? Play inside a bowl of eeewwwy geewwwyy chocolate. Come on dig your hands in, abie and Mommy will get all good and messy while making our dessert. It will be such a messy gewwy fun time, then Mommy will bath you and we shall share our chocolate delight together. YUM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day out with Mommy

Mommy has a full day planned for Baby. First stop is your Babys first Hair Cut!!! I bet your a little nervous, but dont you worry little one, Mommy will be right there by your side. Next stop will be park where you will get to play with your friends and swing all the way to the stars. There Mommy will speak with Cindy the new neighbor's cutie pie daughter about future babysitting schedules. I will see how you react to her and her friends to see if she will be the right sitter for you! Meanwhile we shall enjoy a nice picnic lunch under the oak tree with the other Mommies and their babies. I am certain my little one will be in need of an overdue diaper change by then. Tehehe!