Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mommy slept in the rocking chair next to her newborn baby. Every time he fussed, she jumped and rushed to check on him. She wanted so much to be a good mom. She was very attentive. As her little bundle of joy began to awake he began to cry, she leaned in over the crib at her newborn baby and reached into his diaper to feel if it were wet. It felt dry so she pulled him up out of the crib and brought him over to the rocking chair, her precious boy was thirsty. He was wrapped up tightly in his blanket just like the nurses at the hospital had showed her. She cradled him in her arms and un -buttoned her pj top, she pulled out her full and swollen breast and gently rubbed her hard leaking nipple to his sweet chapped lips and helped him to latch on. As he took hold and began to suckle, she sighed in relief, began to rock, and hum him a little song while her new baby nursed.


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