Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mommy's Making her List!

Shes checking it twice
Gona find out who's naughty or nice
Mommy is keeping an eye on her babies!

Yes, Mommy is indeed very busy this time of year,
All my abies are getting excited about Christmas morning,
hoping that their wish list to Santa will get to him okay.
Mommy has stocked up on her diapers, has the home all decorated,
Mommy will be busy baking and wrapping. Babies ten to get into a
lot of mischief while Mommy is busy So Mommy has to keep a close
eye on her little ones and keep her paddle close at hand. There will
be lots of red behinds, red blotchy checks, but also many smiles,
hot cocoa, mommies milk, cuddling,diapering, and playing! And some babies
may need some extra TLC because tis the season to become sick, so Mommy
will be tending to those poor ill babies as well! So lets make sure we
wash our hands often and keep your hands away from your face to keep from
getting sick. Mommy wants you to have a fun, healthy, happy Christmas with her!
Come curl up in the chatroom with Mommy and lets catch a Christmas show together!

Mommy Sara

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