Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh those Summer Days and Summer Nights!

Its summer time, time for fun and games,
In the sun and in the moonlight,
Take a Steamy hot daytime break with me,
Time out for a quick pick me up ,
A playful phone call that will be the secret behind that,
Smile you display the rest of the day! Maybe even the week!
To busy during the hot summer days? Well then….
After a long day riding the waves, or playing on the court,
Or after a hard stressful day in the office,
And after a nice hot shower and slipping between crisp warm sheets,
Don’t lay there lonely and longing for fulfillment,
Call me for some summer night fun!
Lay back and close your eyes and let me whisper to you,
Softy and erotically the fantasy of your choice,
I’ll bring you a climax and summer night to remember!
Then you’ll drift off to dream land with total satisfaction.

Fantasy audios are also available for purchase!


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